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Donna Loose

Donna Loose

My name is Donna Loose a Mum of three (20,18,10) A wife, daughter, colleague, and a friend to many. I’m often found on a rugby pitch or eating cheese and drinking red wine when not in work mode.

As a General practice Nurse and clinical educator, I specialise in the delivery of hormonal health with 20 years’ extensive experience where no day is the same when delivering the range of services and advice to a lifespan of individuals.

I believe education is the key to empowerment to be able to make informed personal decisions about all aspects of hormonal health. I deliver my consultations and presentations with a sense of humour and interactive discussions underpinned by current guidance and research. No death by PowerPoint, no awkward silences but a safe space to talk about what is happening in the hormonal rollercoaster journey felt my many from puberty to post menopause.

A coaching approach to hormone health helps address mental wellbeing as well as physical symptoms linked to hormone imbalances. I find my role incredibly rewarding and consider it a privilege.

I hold membership with both the faculty of sexual and reproductive health and the British menopause society. I am trained under both these governing bodies to deliver every aspect of sexual, reproductive, and hormonal health. My qualification in BMS Cognitive Behaviour Therapy for Menopause Symptoms, enables me to facilitate self-management strategies for women with problematic menopause symptoms where HRT is not wished for or is a contra-indication.

Being passionate about improving hormonal health, I speak at events to increase awareness and offer workshops to community groups, healthcare professionals, secondary education, and workplaces.

Sarah Marling

Sarah Marling

Sarah is a qualified Nutrition and Integrative Health Coach who has worked with clients in Australia, Asia and the United Kingdom to address all pillars of wellness including nutrition, movement, sleep, stress and connection.

Sarah is passionate about helping women who would like to address the symptoms they are experiencing during the menopausal transition. She does this by reviewing all aspects of their lifestyle and then identifying where changes can be made that will impact some of the symptoms that they are experiencing, and therefore improving their quality of life. She offers one on one consultations which include a full lifestyle assessment to identify where her client’s lifestyle factors can be optimised, and then works with her clients to set goals and actions that will lead to long term, sustainable changes and health benefits.

Sarah also offers a range of group workshops for women in the menopausal transition to assist them to understand what is happening to their body at this time of life and what they can do to address some of the menopausal symptoms they are experiencing.

As well as supporting menopausal women with symptom relief, Sarah also works with clients of all ages and genders to address areas of their nutrition and lifestyle that will support with weight management, gut health and sports performance.

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